Blockchain Banking
with a decentralized Wallet

XBX the token that empowers
Bitex Eco-System.

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The XBX token will become the cryptocurrency credit standard in the blockchain economic system.

  • The XBX token is the first of its kind, with secured liquidity and high security using blockchain on an ERC20 protocol.
  • Owners of XBX coins will receive an attractive discount on the EZBitex platform for their fees as using the coin in transactions (trading, sending, lending, etc).
  • Decentralized storage of the reputation of borrowers in smart contracts is safer and wiser than current common ways of storage.
  • It is also possible for other cryptocurrency service providers to use XBX
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  • Ethereum Smart contract
  • Decentralized Wallet
  • ERC20 Token Protocol
  • PCI-DSS Certification
  • Manageable limits (daily, single)
  • Multisig wallet
  • Real-time fraud monitoring
  • Technical and Financial Audit

Utilizing XBX on a Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange


The EZBitex platform is decentralised in several ways.

1. By having the exchange assets stored in the individual wallets of its users. The users hold all keys. No assets are stored with EZBitex. The clients are the custodian of their assets.

2. A licensed and regionally divided ownership structure. To ensure a fair decision in business development and usage of ICO Funds.

3. All transactions will be stored in a dedicated data-warehouse that continuously analyses the data to enhance risk management and identify predictive behaviours and cryptocurrency market movement in turn, enable EZBitex to optimise the cryptocurrency exchange process and better educate the user on possible payment strategies. For example, it may highlight different payment mixes depending on the current cryptocurrencies valuations. Let’s everything possible is advised to ensure that the users are safe and enjoy the quick and efficient service provided by Bitex.


The XBX token: Our credit system

Using a blockchain technology-based credit system, processing transactions are Faster, Secure and more Efficient.

Our blockchain technology-based KYC and AML procedures ensure 100% anonymity and privacy for our users.
Our XBX coin creates a full-fledged blockchain banking structure with interest interactions.


Consumer loans will be denominated in and paid out in XBX tokens. For collateralized loans, the loan amount will be based on the current exchange rate on the EZBitex platform for the cryptocurrency offered as collateral. A consumer may repay the loan balance (and regain the collateral) using XBX tokens.



A customer obtains a BitexPay cryptocurrency loan in XBX coins, underpinned by a smart contract that takes into account the customer's unique credit rating, and in turn, applies specific interest rate and conditions (which may include collateral).



The customer converts the loan into a cryptocurrency of his or her choice on the EZBitex exchange. The process is done seamlessly, within the EZBitex exchange, at the request of the customer.



Liquidity guaranteed by EZBitex factoring from other leading cryptocurrency exchange reduces volatility and adjusts interest rates. The credit itself may also be tracked to a world currency index to avoid sharp fluctuations.



At the end of the loan contract, a borrower must repay in XBX coins with interest, purchased at the EZBitex exchange.



The borrower has now completed his repayment obligations and has amended his credit score for future loan requests.



The cycle of cryptocurrency to fiat and back again creates an inherent need for XBX coin based services and ultimately an enhanced demand for XBX coins.

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Token holder benefits

XBX token properties

XBX— “GAS” in Bitex Pay transactions

0.55% of every transaction in XBX tokens is “burned” forever for conducting the transaction. The “burning process” is decentralised and regulated by smart-contracts. 0.55% will be calculated based on current exchange rate.

XBX tokens will be issued during the ICO.
No XBX tokens will be issued after the ICO.

The purchase of tokens during the ICO is the guaranteed way to use XBX settlements and purchase XBX tokens for a fixed price. Users, who have no tokens will have to buy XBX tokens from token-holders to use the Bitex platform ultimate banking possibilities. We intend to list XBX on several exchanges after ICO to support and enlarge the user database and expand available payment solutions and merchant point of sales systems, as well as ATMs and card readers.

The XBX tokens will be listed on the EZBitex exchange when the platform launches.


from every
transaction is


Monthly Discount Program
for token holders


Of XBX transaction

XBX supports users and token holders

Up to 32.75% of XBX transactional income forms the Monthly Discount Program, which is aimed at stimulating users to make more transactions using the Bitex EZBitex and BitexPay platform, and also to encourage active users and associates.

Loyalty rewards are earned in XBX tokens as a discount on fees, which are purchased on the EZBitex exchange from the public and private exchanges, based on the current exchange rate at the time of purchase.

Each user’s loyalty reward depends only on the amount of Staking/Saving he/she has made during the month on EZBitex.

Each account should hold the following amount of tokens within the savings account on the EZBitex Exchange:

Discount Program


For example, Platinum user: If a user “X” owns more than 350 000 XBX token in his staking wallet on the Exchange then he will be rewarded with 40% discount on the fees he spends on the platform.

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Token Structure

pre-ico structure
post-ico structure

Your Local Global Currency!

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Set start of pre-ico

May 9th, 2018

15:00:00 UTC




Bitex Coin

Token name

Bitex Coin


Total supply

300,000,000 XBX



1,000,000 XBX




Token Price

Pre-ICO Token price

0.5$ = 1 XBX


Cost of 1 token XBX

$0.7 to $1.0 at end of token sale

Term of token sale: 90 days with the possibility of an automatic early completion in pursuing the final goals of ICO.

Expanded goals after start of ICO: Impossible.

The technical limitation of the number of tokens: 300,000,000 XBX.

Adjustable emission: The tokens remaining unsold after the pre-ICO and ICO phases will be vested in a Bitex company account controlled by a smart contract. The smart contract will be programmed to release each month to the Bitex community 1⅔ % of the total tokens initially held.

Secured ways to purchase tokens: XBX tokens will be available for purchase using Ether (ETH), and the following fiat currencies: CHF, EUR, USD, GBP, DKK and SGD and Bitcoins (BTC) will be updated soon.

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