Prepaid Card

  • Low commission fees
  • Free worldwide delivery for merchants who are verified
  • Both chip & pin and virtual cards are available
  • Accepted anywhere major cards are
  • Withdraw and deposit cryptocurrency anytime, anywhere thru merchants or Atm
  • Top up for mobile and pay for other bills instantly anytime anywhere
  • Shop online or pay for booking and redeem points for bonus
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Bitex Pay

What is BitexPay?

BitexPay is an online cryptocurrency wallet which offers greater functionality and simple services for buying and selling cryptocurrency. You can use this page to learn more about BitexPay's features.

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Card Reader
Point of Sale
Debit Card

BitexPay accounts

With a BitexPay account, you can purchase, sell and store bitcoins safely, without worrying about bitcoin price fluctuations between exchanges. BitexPay accounts support G20 and more currencies. As for cryptocurrency you may easily top-up your account via SWIFT, SEPA, UK FPS, Payment Gateways or your cryptocurrency address.
Debit Card

BitexPay Debit Card

BitexPay offers an alternative withdrawal functionality through our Debit Card. Easily convert your cryptocurrency to any currency you need from the available currencies on our app. Withdraw money using your Powered By Bitex Card at ATMs worldwide.
Virtual Debit Card

Virtual Debit Card

Another way to easily spend cryptocurrency online is by using BitexPay's Virtual Debit Card. Our card can be used to pay online, anywhere BitexPay payment are accepted. Virtual cards are issued instantly, so no need to wait for a plastic card to arrive.
Money transfers

Money transfers

With BitexPay you can easily and instantly transfer money to anyone in the world. Set up your BitexPay account and your transaction will be processed within a few seconds.


When it comes to business partnerships, we are flexible and ready to customise a desirable offer that is fine-tuned to meet your needs. If you wish to accept cryptocurrency payments, white label Debit cards, or a custom blockchain solution - please get in touch with our sales team.

BitexPay B2B Solutions and International Money Transfers Via G7 coin

Our BitexPay B2B Solutions lets you pay for goods and services to other companies using the G7C Protocol. Sending money overseas to family, friends and business matters, should be as easy as sending an email. With BitexPay, all it takes is opening an account and go through our simple registration processes.
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What makes BitexPay better?

BitexPay provides a straightforward way to send money around the globe via blockchain, using the stable and trustworthy G7 coin. The G7 coin organization is a fully transparent company that issues a coin based on the LIBOR rate. Backed by traditional currency.
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Transfer anywhere in the world in an Instant on Bitex with G7C

Bitex to Bitex account transfers does not require to wait for Blockchain transaction period to complete. You can send instantly thru the platform and receive in seconds. You may also pay for any payments on Powered By Bitex websites and claim your goods or services immediately. Bitex powers not only crypto users or merchants but the entire financial system.

Send money Internationally

Send money to almost anyone with access to the internet. No matter where they are, they'll be happy to get your message. It is as comfortable as sending them an e-mail.

No Bank Account - No Problem!

The recipients can order a Powered By Bitex Card and withdraw money they've received from any ATM instantly or simply use our BitexPay app to factor more payments to others.

Have your brand crypto card

Other companies that want to issue their crypto card using the Powered By Bitex Card may contact us directly here.

Leverage the Blockchain

Enjoy the benefits of the G7C payment network-instant, global, secure and fast payments-without the risks and price volatility.

BitexPay Debit Card features

Discover limitless possibilities
Bitex Pay

Shop anywhere with our card and app

It's easy to exchange and load your Debit card with funds from your BitexPay or EZBitex cryptocurrency wallet. Use your card anywhere major cards are accepted.

Online or Offline

The BitexPay Debit Card works online, offline and internationally, making it simple for customers to use at millions of businesses and services around the world.

Standard or Express Delivery

We always have cards in stock, so yours can be shipped the day after you place your order. The fastest option to receive the card is through DHL Express service. (3-10 Business Days, shipping fees will apply)

Transparent Pricing and Limits

Decide which BitexPay card fit your needs
In accordance with the French law, residents of France must be verified (KYC2 only) and are restricted to ATM cash withdrawals of €1,000 per month and a maximum balance of €10,000.
We may update our fee structure without prior notice due to partnership and expansion of the BitexPay solutions. We notify our users via email regarding any change made to the fee structure.

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Want to know more about the BitexPay Debit Card?

Why do I need a BitexPay Debit Card?

Using a BitexPay Debit Card is by far the easiest and fastest way to cash-out your cryptocurrency. Convert your cryptocurrency whenever you need it, quickly through the BitexPay mobile or web app.

How do I activate my card?

When you receive your BitexPay Debit Card, you will receive instructions on how to activate it. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our support team.(support team link)

How do I pay for a BitexPay Debit Card?

You can pay using any of the currencies accepted by BitexPay - G20 currency or more & cryptocurrency. Once you have sufficient funds, you'll be able to order your card.

Where can I get my card statement?

All your Debit card transactions are displayed in your BitexPay account. You can track your payments, deposits, withdrawals, and transactions online, available 24/7.

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How does the affiliate program work?

It's effortless, convenient, and efficient.

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Your friend gets a 25% discount on fees once follows the link and uses our card.

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Security note

Our referral program is 100% anonymous and doesn't compromise the security of your account or your referrals' funds.

You can't go wrong with BitexPay!

Instant payouts

Once your friend purchases a BitexPay Debit Card, you'll receive the payment. No fees or hidden charges involved.

Detailed statistics

Get the full statistics on the traffic you send to us including the total number of referrals, ordered BitexPay Debit Cards and XBX coins you've earned so far.

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