The first locally-embedded, yet global, crypto-bank.

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Bitex Ambition

Bitex believes that it can make the greatest impact on society by working at the local level, and ensuring that the benefits of this new cryptocurrency-based digital economy can also be felt by those under-served or left out of the current banking system.

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Thus, instead of starting out immediately as a global bank, Bitex wants to ensure that its solution has a local impact.

Bitex has licensed its EZBitex platform to 8 countries already, and many more are to come.

Become a Contributor and share your Role in a Decentralized Global Cryptocurrency Bank.
Play Your Part in the Creation of a Better Future.

Bitex Franchise private sale has started
since Feb 1st, 2018 .

We have successfully raised $2,760,000
By sales of Franchise License for operating the Regional Bitex platform.

Bitex Pay

BitexPay is the next generation payment solution for both consumers and merchants.

  • A centralized BitexPay Holding Wallet to hold securely your cryptocurrency and a BitPay Payment Wallet used at “debit account” used for payments.
  • A virtual BitexPay debit card linked to the assets held in your wallet.
  • Upon request, a physical debit card.
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BitexPay is also a complete payment solutions for merchants

A BitexPay
card reader


A BitexPay merchant app
for portable device


A BitexPay
Point of Sale terminal.

Point of Sale

EZBitex is the currency exchange and banking infrastructure with a decentralized, distributed and immutable ledger provided by Bitex, which underpins the functioning of the entire system.

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  • Trading
  • Currency exchange
  • Staking
  • Loans
  • Other services such as Business to business payment and Kiosk Merchant app for “Traditional Money Exchangers”

Bitex , it’s also

Powered by Bitex

branded cards

Third parties, such as large merchants, can issue their own debit or charge cards (physical and/or virtual), for payments at their online or offline stores. Such cards will be marked as “Powered by Bitex”, as the EZBitex platform will be used as the payment network.
Open API

3rd Party development

for the EZBitex platform via the Bitex Open API: The EZBitex platform will offer APIs to key functions of its global platform to allow developers to create local banking applications.

Bitex-branded ATMs

Bitex will use third party hardware to host ATMs that are connected to the EZBitex platform. Such Bitex-branded ATMs will allow consumers to use their physical or virtual BitexPay debit cards to withdraw, deposit, transfer and carry out other financial transactions associated with their BitexPay wallets.

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